All teeth whitening pens are free for the next 24 hours!
All teeth whitening pens are free for the next 24 hours!

Our Story


 In 2018, Glossface was created by two entrepreneurs that aimed to develop a solution to the pains of teeth whitening.

After heavy research, Our founders realized that there was a gap in the teeth whitening industry, they found that current teeth whitening procedures tend to be not only extremely painful for the patient, but also very expensive and sometimes showing highly unstable and inconsistent outcomes, especially in home remedies. the Glossface Teeth Whitening Kit was designed to fix all of these problems.

Our team of experts strive hard to provide you with cheap, pain-free and highly efficient treatments, in order to get you the glossy white teeth you deserve. We meticulously choose our ingredients and thoroughly test our formulas to make sure you always get the best out of GlossFace products.   

 Within our first month, we were able to make 10 000 people smile and our ambition is to reach 1 million smiles by 2020! We started from the bottom, with nothing more than a few followers on Instagram but in less than a year we've reached more than 7 000!       

Our products are completely safe to use and 100% manufactured in the US. We guarantee high-quality results and will address any problem you might encounter with our products since customer satisfaction is our highest concern!     Walk with us in our journey towards whiter teeth!       

Have a Bright Day!   

The GlossFace Team